Are you destined to be a Hero?

PartnerHero is where the brightest minds from around the globe come to learn, grow, and make their dent in the universe.  Together, we can build thriving, sustainable communities, marked by economic and social progress. 

Build something meaningful.

We partner with the world's most innovative and recognizable companies—some with products you probably already use every day.  At PartnerHero, you get first-hand experience working on products with a global reach.

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  • "I'm grateful that PartnerHero is a place where being a woman doesn’t mean that I cannot manage people and being young doesn't mean that I should just follow orders."

    — Ana Marcela Núñez, Hero

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Be a part of something big.

PartnerHero isn't just a place to work, it's a way to build a strong foundation for you and your community.  We invest in both Heroes and the places they call home through Hero-led community outreach programs.

  • "I now have a completely new understanding of the kind of cohesion and teamwork that is possible in a work environment, and I am both grateful and inspired."

    — Jose Navarro, Hero

Every Hero needs a credo.  Here's ours:

Be Humble.

Being a Hero isn't More bragging. Being humble allows us to seek guidance, receive feedback, ask questions, and listen to each other.

Take Ownership.

Heroes are accountable in their work and in their lives.  That means solutions can come from anyone and doing the right thing comes naturally.

Embrace Growth.

All Heroes seek to expand their understanding.  We do this by taking risks, owning our development, and keeping our minds open to change.

Care for Others.

No Hero can go it alone.  We look out for one another, even off the clock.  We collaborate, empathize, and seek opportunities to put each other first.

Behind the Scenes at PartnerHero

Being a Hero also has its perks...

Helpful English Tutors
Individual Mentorship
Regular 1:1s
World-Class Partners
Work from Anywhere
Flexible Schedules
Global Hero Network

...think you got what it takes?

How hard is it to become a Hero?

We'll say this: it's not easy. Besides the regular background and reference checks performed by our recruiting team, we expect every Hero to have impeccable written and spoken English, strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and a penchant for going above and beyond.

How do you determine salaries?

Salaries are normalized according to the region you are hired in as well as things like experience and specific skill set.

How soon will I hear back after submitting my resume?

Our recruiting team does its absolute best to reply to every applicant within two weeks of receiving an application for an open position.

I have a specific schedule because of school or family obligations—is that ok?

For the right person, we'll do our best to ensure that your schedule works with your existing commitments. This is, of course, dependent on your specific responsibilities and the demands that come along with them.

Can I come by your office to drop off my resume?

No. We don't accept walk-in appointments of any kind.