A different kind of BPO.

People. Without borders. Without limits.

PartnerHero is a global community of passionate individuals supporting some of the best companies in the world.

Culture Leads.
Success Follows

Culture brings intention to what we do. From the partners we serve to the associates who work with us, we share a set of core values that guide our actions, our words, and our intentions.

Want to join us?

Be Humble

Take Ownership

Embrace Growth

Manifest Trust

Care for Others

A word from our founder.

As startups work to create the future, the very notion of “work” is changing too. For both businesses and the people who power them, the choices and considerations are no longer binary: Employee or contractor? Insource or outsource? Freelancer or gig-worker? Quality or cost? Culture or pay? Office or remote?

And that is what PartnerHero is. A technology-enabled services company that is built to answer these questions and many others.

While each individual and company must evaluate these options for themselves, in May 2014 we started a mission to explore how these decisions no longer need to be binary. We started by asking ourselves: What type of work environment would attract really special people to want to join us? What type of business model would align the interests of the startup, the firm they hire to serve them, and the people who work there? But we are more than that

  • We are serious builders.
  • We are recent graduates.
  • We are moms. We are dads.
  • We are artists.
  • We are recovering consultants.
  • We are students.
  • We are women, men, and non-binary.
  • We are experienced, career professionals.
  • We are dropouts.
  • We seek to Be Humble.
  • We are single parents.
  • We are self-taught musicians, filmmakers, designers and hackers.
  • We are poets, cooks and environmentalists.
  • We remember to Take Ownership.
  • We are teachers. We are coaches.
  • We Trust each other.
  • We are caretakers, for our parents, our relatives, and our communities.
  • We are former Big Company cogs, vowing to never settle for false trade-offs again.
  • We are travelers, who need nothing more than a backpack and a passport to feel that “anything is possible.”
  • We find joy when we Care for Others.
  • We are stewards for our partners and their businesses, by working earnestly on their behalf, to further their success.
  • We know that life is richer when we Embrace Growth.
  • We are passionate professionals who live and breathe these values.

We are PartnerHero

People. Without borders. Without limits.


We've come a long way...

A Trip to Honduras

Becomes the inspiration for PartnerHero

First Associates Hired

In San Pedro Sula

We launch a CX team

For our very first partner

Original PH Logo

And brand are launched

Our Second Partner

and first moderation program

Enquired To Be Acquired

We turn down an offer by a large BPO to acquire us (for the first time)

Tegucigalpa Hub Launch

Word is spreading that there's a disruptive BPO startup in town

We start hiring Remote+

Agents across the globe to cover additional languages and timezones

Design + Engineering Offering

We hire our first in-house Designers & Engineers

Launch In Europe

We open our Berlin office as our EMEA hub

Finance + Accounting Outsourcing

FO&A becomes our latest offering

February Software Launch

We launch our own peer-to-peer QA system

Brazil Remote + All Hands

We bring our largest group of remote workers together in Sāo Paulo

Boise Operations Launch

We open our first USA Operations center in Boise

Manila Launch Operations Launch

We launch in Manila, Philippines and immediately stand out in the crowd

QaaS Launch

We launch Quality as a Service - dedicated QA

Our Second EMEA Hub

Opens in Bucharest, Romania