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Get a remote team within 2-3 weeks.


What we do:

Customer Operations

From inside sales, lead and opportunity qualification, to general and technical customer support; working across all channels in a variety of languages, we know how to extend your operations while maintaining your unique culture, voice and touch.

Content & Data Moderation

Need help organizing, editing or cleaning up your content or data? Need to verify images or users? Want help with your internal systems and the various exceptions/errors that require human intervention?

Software Quality Assurance

Your engineers are busy writing code but your product still needs to be tested. Our SQA team allows you to easily offload your product QA while maintaining flexibility and quality. We’ll find your bugs and produce developer ready reports in JIRA, Trello, Bugzilla or whatever other tools you are using today.

PartnerHero's take on outsourcing:

OpEx cost reduction %
Turnover rate %
Managed client ops
SLA-compliant transactions

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Trusted by awesome startups:

PartnerHero has been a thoughtful and transparent collaborator from day one, quickly becoming integral to our core operational activities, and allowing us to scale, innovate, and raise quality standards in record time. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to select them as our partner.

Shandeep Sharma

We love PartnerHero because at its core PartnerHero is a company dedicated to hiring top quality reps that share in the core values our company holds dear.

Kelly McDonald