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We do full stack operations for every tech sector with a full spectrum of talent and expertise.

Customer Experience

From shared teams to dedicated teams and managed services, PartnerHero builds world-class operations that engage and support your customers with omnichannel service in any language and every timezone.

Customer Experience

From Tier 1 to VIP Concierge, our specialty is finding amazing people who will master your product and resolve any situation a customer throws their way. We can supplement your existing support org or own the entire customer experience across email, chat, voice, and more.

Community & Social

Engage your customers across every channel with Community & Social Specialists. From Twitter to app store reviews and homegrown community portals, make sure a knowledgeable social butterfly is always available to point your users in the right direction and share a little love.

Knowledge Management

Content and automation experts can help you reduce your support costs considerably with content and AI-driven ticket deflection strategies. Put your customer intelligence to work by reducing friction and delivering the product enhancements your customers are craving.

Quality as a Service

Take your existing CX team to the next level with unbiased insight from our QA professionals. QaaS combines QA specialists, custom rubrics and software solutions to bring in an independent perspective that levels up your insourced or outsourced customer interactions.

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So. Much. More.

We grow as our partners grow and build specialized remote teams around many different business functions. Come for the CX and stay for the F&A. Or vice versa. It’s all the same to us. We just want to help where you need us.

Back Office

Leverage our global talent network to find rockstar associates in any time zone who can help with any administrative tasks you can dream up. We’ll work with you to find a professional that perfectly matches your business requirements.


Enforce your community guidelines with the help of our moderation associates, available in any language and timezone. We hire professionals with the hawk eyes and cultural context that will keep your website safe and on brand.

Trust & Safety

From account access and verification to GDPR compliance and law enforcement requests, our partners entrust our trust & safety specialists with the most sensitive cases that flow through their tubes.


We have employees in 17 countries around the globe with native skills in 20 different languages. Find dedicated specialists to help with translating content, localizing your service, or supporting customers in foreign lands.

Software QA

Need help vetting your latest release? Our global network of SQA professionals can help you meet release deadlines with peace of mind and ensure that your apps and websites remain bug-free.