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The PartnerHero Vision

Our vision is to create thriving, sustainable communities, marked by economic and social progress.

A Word from CEO & Founder, Shervin Talieh

The PartnerHero Story

Operations, whether at startups or Fortune 500 companies, is the un-sexy, meat and potatoes part of each business. Designers, product managers and engineers are the “ninjas” and “rockstars” at most startups. Operations folks are the unheralded grinders.

I like grinders.

And I believe the challenges of designing, building and scaling operations can be every bit as “sexy” as running a sprint, pushing a major release, or launching an API. In fact, for me, the juxtaposition of people, process and technology dynamics and how best to optimize each without screwing up the whole is why I love my job.

The story of PartnerHero is the story of breaking things, getting out of one’s comfort zone, improving a little bit each day, and growing. It’s the story of tinkering with business models, SLA’s, technology, hiring, testing, development, reporting…all the stuff that operations folks live and breathe.

It’s the journey of working with startups (the only segment we serve) and learning to adapt to their individual cadence and voice, learning their unique culture, and helping them through their journey.

It’s the experience of setting up teams and operations centers around the world. Learning about different countries and cultures. Finding amazing people who are thirsting for opportunities. Matching great clients with great people. Creating sustainability and transparency, both internally as well as for the clients we serve.

“Ownership, inspired by excellence.” This is our culture statement.

Ownership means taking personal accountability for one's actions and for the responsibilities assigned to you; it’s doing the right thing, even when nobody's watching or others are pressuring you to do otherwise.

Excellence is a state a mind that comes from humility and drive; to constantly seek to improve; knowing that perfection is not a destiny, but rather a journey.

At PartnerHero, I personally meet with every new hire and go through our culture and vision, taking their questions, learning about their previous experiences, and ensuring a consistent understanding of our mission. Most importantly, I explain that from this day on they are now responsible for our culture: what they do, what they say, how they treat one another and our clients...this is the manifestation of culture.

This is the PartnerHero story. And we have only just begun.